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ReDoctype is Professional E-Learning Learning Management System (LMS)

Are you looking for e-learning LMS or distance learning platform like , Udemy, Coursera or Teachable. Our LMS is highly scalable supporting Scorm and video lessons.

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Redoctype is a Professional E-Learning LMS

Robust Learning

We have built the Learning page with robust feature like - Lesson Note, Per Lesson Discussion with teacher and other studnet. Download Exercise File.

Multi Teacher

Multiple teacher can signup and become an Instructor in your LMS. You can charge commission based on each sale. Teacher has detailed sale and withdrawn report.

Advance Course

Advance Course introduction, outline review, and discussion board for each course. Each course can be assigned to multiple category and you can feature them as per your requirement in category page.

Student Panel

Built with Advance Search option for each course, skills and category. Featured and Non-featured options.

Advance Cache System

We have made sure, your LMS runs super blazing fast even with your basic hosting and on increase in load and users, you can easily scale them up.

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Robust Admin Panel

Robust admin section allows your technical person command your whole LMS , just from one center and take an appropriate action against whole LMS.

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Become an Instructor

With Become an Instructor option, you allow your each user to become teacher and start selling course with an ease and very supportive way.

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About Us

Redoctype: E-Learning LMS started working from February to help people run their own world class e-learning LMS like "Coursera", "Udemy" , "edx" , etc., This is built in with lots of advance feature, which you may not find in mentioned organisation.

Check out the demo with Login Details "testuser" as username and "abcdef" as password

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Meet The Team

We have built this professional CMS, so you can show off your course and lessons here among with your students or whole world. You can also allow teachers from different corner of your country, state or world to join your site and become an Instructor.

Mr. R Sharma

Lead Developer and Industry Expert. Certified Information Security Expert with Masters in Computer Science. You can never ignore him, when he is around. Aries and Taurus by Birth. (Cusp)

Sarmanjit Singh

Killer Network Security Expert. Currently working in Vancouver, Canada with Government body. Certified Information Security Expert. Amazing Person, Great Humor. Wonderful Human Being.

Rick Hubbard

Marketing Specialist from Texas, helps us drive and catch number of Institute. Wonderful Speaker. Loves crazy and wonderful talk on How Technology Evolving.

Satnam Singh

Front end Designer. The Guy, you always wanted to kill. Well, that's because his profession. Designer and Creative Cock.

Rahul Arya

Creative Marketing Specialist. Look alike of Vin Diesel. We call him the Yamaha Guitar Boy. The Super Entertainer.

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We will keep updating with our update and information here, so do visit with update coming in apps.

If you have any question , prior to sale, don't hesitate Contacting us.

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