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Our Clients

Our Clients

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Redoctype LMS clients is what makes Redoctype LMS beautiful and more resourceful. When clients are attached to us, they are not only attached to product, but whole amazing team behind the product. We not only endeavor to bring the best in world but the most in world for our clients and for their business. Redoctype here is to make your own elearning LMS startup comes true and growing, where you can connect, share , teach and incubate 100’s, 1000’s and millions out there. We not only sale product, but we sale our-self to keep updating , upgrading and adding more features every now and than, so that your product is never behind the world class providers out here.

Our Precious client includes from India’s top largest Edu – Incubator to International University :-

  1. Net Security
  2. Appleray
  3. Gurukull
  4. Mindpulley
  5. Charter University
  6. TASL
  7. Edumob E-learning LLP
  8. Elaine Wilson
  9. Educlan
  10. DoonBharti
  11. w3clan
  12. Reynold Yordy
  13. MyFusion
  14. SchoolsRun
  15. Tesla Academy
  16. Biz Education

and 5 more private clients.

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