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Redoctype E-Learning LMS Feature

Redoctype – E-Learning LMS Redoctype E-Learning LMS Feature

Redoctype E-Learning LMS Feature

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Redoctype E-Learning LMS Feature

  1. Fully Responsive.
  2. Full Home Page Editable.
  3. Multi User Panel ( Admin, Moderator, Teacher, User, Guest ).
  4. Teacher’s Course Upload.
  5. Become an Instructor.
  6. Simplified Course Upload option.
  7. Complete Teacher’s Statistic for each sale and withdraw.
  8. Advance Learning Mechanism.
  9. Free & Paid Course Option.
  10. Course Type designed for “Video, HTML Content, PDF, PPT & Doc using Google Docs.
  11. Free Course Preview Option.
  12. Discussion board for each course embedded.
  13. Discussion board for each lesson separately embedded.
  14. Course note writing option for students, so that they can make note for each of lesson.
  15. Course Review Option.
  16. Each Course Multiple Instructor Option.
  17. Advanced Search Mechanism.
  18. Category Display Section.
  19. Category Video, Category Course Relation.
  20. Easy Register, Login, Reset/Forgot Password and Activation Option for all user group.
  21. Advance Admin panel.
  22. Message System between Admin / Moderator to Teacher and Vice versa.
  23. Message System between Admin / Moderator to Student and Vice Versa.
  24. Message System between Teacher to Student and Vice Versa.
  25. Course Completion certificate option.
  26. Advance Course completion certificate creator. Create your own certificate for each course.
  27. Advanced Cache System.
  28. Paypal and Bank Deposit option for payment method.
  29. Multiple Currency Method. ( USD is base currency for PayPal )
  30. Multiple Category for each course.
  31. Skill-based division for the course. ( Beginner, Intermediate, Advance )
  32. Feature the Course option from admin panel.
  33. Advertise course in Login / Register / Reset / Forgot Password page.
  34. Teacher Withdrawn revenue option.
  35. Teacher’s total sale and total withdraw the report.

And many more options.

It is built considering udemy, coursera and couple of other e-learning portals. It’s the time, you turn your dream on.

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