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What are LMS updates and Support ?

Redoctype – E-Learning LMS What are LMS updates and Support ?

What are LMS updates and Support ?

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ReDoctype offers FREE LMS updates to our clients and this is a completely optional feature and is decided by our team in-house for offering this FREE service.

What is FREE LMS Updates?

  • As technology changes and upgraded or improved, we believe your LMS should also be improved according to it, thus we tend to provide FREE updates to our some of the clients who follow our FREE update policy of maintaining the code, development and changes with us and following our Terms of Service mentioned at Terms of Service page and Copyright Policy.
  • We also provide FREE feature addition option, where we think your feature can value our product and can improve the user experience for the user using our LMS.
  • Our FREE updates are available for you to make sure, you are using the latest technology.

Do you provide PAID Updates or Paid feature request?

  • We also offer some updates or feature as paid changes, depending upon new feature option.
  • We do offer PAID updates or Paid feature request to clients who have been denied FREE updates due to breaking our Terms of Service or Copyright policy or Bad behaviour with our Support or Team.
  • To request additional new updates or feature, Please create discussion on your Organisation/Project in ducument.com¬†– Our support and developer team will look into them. If in case your project is not listed in ducument, Please contact the support team via “Skype”, “Whatsapp” or “Email” to have your organisation or Project listed in ducument.

How long can I get FREE LMS Updates?

  • You will be offered FREE LMS Update for a lifetime* until you are denied FREE Updates due to any reason mentioned above.

What is FREE Support Limitation?

  • FREE Support is not limited. FREE Supports are provided until you are receiving FREE updates

FREE Support for Transfer and Migration policy?

  • For transfer and migrating your site to new hosting or server, It is limited to 3 migration per calendar year with a maximum of 30GB file size limit per migration. Any transfer beyond this limit will be chargeable.
  • Limit of 3 migration is renewed every calendar year.

*lifetime = Product lifetime.

If you have any question , prior to sale, don't hesitate Contacting us.

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